One Fair Wage endorses candidates that are committed to voting for One Fair Wage with tips on top for service workers as well as address gender and racial justice for service workers facing discrimination. Your vote will make a difference! Many of these races will be razor thin. Your vote can elect candidates who will stand up for service workers’ economic security and health. Still need to register to vote? Go to to find where and how for your state.

1. Federal Endorsements

When we organize we can win! One Fair Wage Action endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice-President.

They have committed to One Fair Wage with tips on top for service workers in Joe Biden’s Plans for Economic Recovery, Racial Justice and Women.  

Georgia Special Run-Off Election for Both GA US Senate Seats

U.S. SenateStateFirst NameLast Name
U.S. SenatorGAJonOssoff
U.S. SenatorGARaphaelWarnock
U.S. SenateStateFirst NameLast Name
U.S. SenatorIllinoisDickDurbin
U.S. SenatorMassachusettsEdMarkey
U.S. SenatorMichiganGaryPeters
U.S. SenatorMontanaSteveBullock
U.S. SenatorNew JerseyCoreyBooker
U.S. SenatorOregonJeffMerkley
US House of RepresentativesStateCongressional DistrictFirst NameLast Name
US RepresentativeCalifornia9JerryMcNerny
US RepresentativeCalifornia13BarbaraLee
US RepresentativeCalifornia39GilbertCisneros
US RepresentativeCalifornia43MaxineWaters
US RepresentativeConnecticut3RosaDeLauro
US RepresentativeConnecticut5JahanaHayes
US RepresentativeDistrict of Columbia0EleanorHolmes Norton
US RepresentativeIllinois9JanSchakowsky
US RepresentativeMassachussets7AyannaPressley
US RepresentativeMichigan9AndyLevin
US RepresentativeMichigan12DebbieDingell
US RepresentativeMichigan13RashidaTlaib
US RepresentativeMichigan14BrendaLawrence
US RepresentativeMinnesota5IlhanOmar
US RepresentativeMississippi2BennieThomson
US RepresentativeNew Jersey1DonaldNorcross
US RepresentativeNew Jersey3AndyKim
US RepresentativeNew York7NydiaVelazquez
US RepresentativeNew York8HakeemJeffries
US RepresentativeNew York9YvetteClarke
US RepresentativeNew York10JerroldNadler
US RepresentativeNew York14AlexandriaOcasio-Cortez
US RepresentativeNew York20PaulTonko
US RepresentativeNew York26BrianHiggins
US RepresentativeOhio3JoyceBeatty
US RepresentativeOhio9MarcyKaptur
US RepresentativePennsylvania4MadeleineDean
US RepresentativePennsylvania8MattCartwright
US RepresentativeRhode Island2JamesLangevin
US RepresentativeTexas16VeronicaEscobar
US RepresentativeVirginia3BobbyScott
US RepresentativeWashington7PramilaJayapal

2. State Endorsements